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Tire Rotations


Ensure the safety of your vehicle on the road

According to Consumer Reports*, almost half of the 11,500 vehicles they checked had at least one tire with half-worn tread and another 10% with at least one bald tire. Keep your vehicle safe by having your tires checked and rotated on a regular basis. It shows your social responsibility and if you rotate your tires sooner, it could save you time by not waiting to return to a tire shop from tires that are worn on one side.

What’s included in a Tire Rotation?

Our expert tire technicians will go through and check the depth and condition of all the tires on your vehicle. Once checked they will go through and rotate the tires based on the specifications of the vehicle.

Tire Ritations

The Law

In the US, like most parts of the world, the legal definition of when a tire is worn out is when the tire depth is at 2/32” or 1.6mm. US law also requires tires to have easy to read Tread Wear Indicator bars so that you can see if the tread depth is at that limit or below around the entire circumference of the tire. If you have any depth less than that you can’t pass the Texas state mandatory safety inspection*, not to mention that you’ll be putting yourself and others in danger.

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