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Tire Buying Guide


Tires are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. That’s why we offer 100 of brands of tires in our Houston, Texas tire shop. The tires you purchase with EnRoute Mobile Tire Shop connect you and your car to the road and their quality will determine how well and quickly you will move, accelerate, and stop. Every tire line has its pros and cons. Read our guide on how to get the tires that are best for your needs with a little help from our buying guide.


Even though those cheap tires are a great fit for your budget, they most likely won’t be for your vehicle. A cheaply made, poorly designed tire will affect your stopping distance and your ability to control the vehicle in an emergency. Like we mentioned in our section on “How to Read Tires” – every tire should have a traction rating (AA, A, B, or C). Get the one that has an AA or A rating.

And if you think spending a lot on tires will guarantee quality, often you are paying for the name than the technology in it. Yes, the better-known manufacturers usually provide consistent high-quality products, but the smaller manufacturers can do the same possibly at lower prices. EnRoute Mobile Tire located in Houston, Texas allows you to purchase tires online and have them delivered at your home.

Understand the limits of tires

There probably won’t be one tire that can meet your every single requirement. Trade-offs will occur. A performance tire will usually wear out faster, whereas a more comfort-oriented tire will handle a little less sharply.

Always Buy All 4 Tires at Once, if possible/Correct Way to Mount Tires

Generally, a new tire will perform better than one that has been used, so when changing your tires, try to change all four at once to have the highest level of quality. There are a number of tire shops in Houston that can solve your tire worries in no time. Otherwise, replace the tires in pairs, always placing the new tires on the back, regardless of how your car is controlled (front or rear wheel drive). Because if you lose any traction in the front, you will feel that in the steering wheel and then you can adjust your driving.

However, if you lose traction in the back, then it becomes extremely difficult to control the vehicle. Our tire shop in Houston follows guidelines set by the manufacturers and the TIA to prevent liability against our business, so that means if you need only one new pair of tires, we will mount them on the rear axle. To make sure they wear at the same rate, rotate the tires every 5,000-7,000 miles.

You will get the most out of the tires and will guarantee that you will replace all four at the same time. Never replace one tire, even if only one is damaged, make sure to replace the tire on the other side of the car as well.

Don’t forget about your spare!

When you replace your tires, it is also a good time to inspect your spare and replace it if needed. If it is 6 years older, you should replace it, even if it is not used at all. If you buy a full set, make sure to get 5 tires instead of 4. If the full-size spare does not match the ground tires you should not add it into the rotation pattern.

After you buy them, don’t forget about them!

Maintenance is the key to keep your tires in top condition. Get the tire pressure checked regularly from a good wheel and tire service provider in Houston. Under inflated tires decrease your gas mileage and are more likely to a blowout. Also, make sure to check the alignment and suspension. If alignment and suspension of the car are off, you are automatically throwing money away by getting new tires on a misaligned car. The tires will wear quickly and unevenly in a misaligned car and you would need to get new tires soon after doing it already.

Buy 2 Sets of Tires

Most cars come with all-season tires, which is great, but that one set of tires have to deal with all the different elements and conditions that come over the course of a year. It will wear the tires out faster and threaten the general safety of you and your vehicle. Getting 2 sets of tires – one for the winter and one for the summer will allow you to tailor the tires to the different conditions for those times of the year when you need to worry about snow and ice rather than hot temperatures.

OEM or not?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer tires are the ones that come with your car from the factory. If you think getting the same tires as those will make tire buying a breeze, think again. Manufacturers usually provide a tire that does well enough in all conditions and sometimes even opt for tires that provide nice handling over tires that have a long tread life. It is in your best interest to determine if those OEM tires exceed, meet, or fall short of your needs. That way you could possibly find tires that do better in the conditions you require and at a lower price.

If you can’t decide which tire to purchase, let one our Houston Tire Shop experts assist you in making a decision. With years of experience, we know just what the right fit is for your vehicle. Whether you looking for a slick performance tire or a all-season tire to get you from point A to point B, our tire experts are here to help! Remember using your Houston Tire Delivery and Installation service is as easy as Purchase, Schedule, Relax.


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