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After Installation


Congratulations! You have a new set of tires. It is easy to assume that this is the end of handling your tires, but it is not. To ensure the optimal safety and behavior of your tires, EnRoute Mobile Tire Service recommends that you check their health occasionally.

Check for:

  • Deflation from a puncture or fault from installation. The puncture may not be easily seen by the naked eye so get your tire pressure checked by a tire shop in Houston at least once a month. Read more on our Tire Pressure Page.
  • Protruding bulges in the sidewall of the tires after they have sustained heavy impact like a nasty pothole or curb collision.
  • Position of your wheel nuts for movement or loosening. Do this regularly to make sure that the manufacturer’s torque settings are fulfilled. Threaded wheel nuts can possibly loosen from relaxation of the clamping force called “settlement.” Make your first check after an installation when you have driven between 25 and 100 miles. If you think they have loosened, make sure you re-tighten them, known as “re-torque” immediately.
    • Ways to tell if the wheel nut has loosened:
      • Rusted or bright metal around the wheel nut
      • Cracked or deformed wheel rims
      • Broken or loose fittings
      • If you have them, the shift in the position of the wheel nut indicator device.

Do not use silicon or chemical based tire polish since these kinds will damage the sidewalls of the tires, wearing them down faster. The sidewalls will have cracks where the chemicals have eaten into the rubber and will eventually cause sidewall failure.

Our 30-Day Guarantee

Being a known provider of wheel and tire services in Houston, we add on our own 30-day guarantee on all our tire fittings and rotations. So, if you find something wrong or off with your tire within 30 days of our visit, please call us at as soon as possible. We will ask you about the issue and determine what is the best next step.

If we do need to come back to fix something, we will arrange a technician from our tire shop in Houston, Texas to come out for a free inspection at a date and time best suited to you.

Just in Case

It is very rare, but if you have problem with the tires after our installation, we have a system that will take care of your complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most errors will fall into 1 of 4 categories, Damage, Deflation, Vibration, or a Faulty Tire.


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